Wilson Wilson One Tennis Racket for Sale on Amazon

Wilson Wilson One Tennis Racket

Retail Price: $199.99

Strung Weight: 256 g / 9 ou
Unstrung Weight: 239 g / 8.4 ou
String Pattern: 16×19
Head Size: 729 cm2 / 113 in2
Taper System:
Strung Balance: 38.6 cm / 10 pts
Unstrung Balance: 37.6 cm / 7 pts
Length: 70.9 cm / 27.9 in
Description: This is an excellent racket for intermediate tennis players who want to enhance their skills.


Any tennis player looking for a racket that is comfortable and simple to use will be drawn to the Wilson One. This frame provides rapid swing speeds and a lively, responsive string bed, perfect for players to crack winners from wherever on the court, thanks to its spacious sweet spot and enormous gigantic head at an amazingly light weight. With a one-two punch of lightweight power, the Wilson One may help rediscover a passion for the game for older players or anybody with a background plagued with arm or shoulder ailments.


Good for Older Players – Ideal for elders and anybody who suffers from arm or shoulder ailments on a regular basis.

More Balance, More Power – Every stroke benefits from a significant head-heavy balance that assists power and plow-through.

Power Boost – A larger sweet spot is created by the oversize head, giving you more power and forgiveness.

Extended Reach – The extra length allows for more reach and court coverage.

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