Wilson Ultra 100L v2 Tennis Racket for Sale on Amazon

Wilson Ultra 100L v2 Tennis Racket

Retail Price: $179.00

Strung Weight: 293 g / 10.34 ou
Unstrung Weight: 277 g / 9.77 ou
String Pattern: 16×19
Head Size: 645 cm2 / 100 in2
Taper System: 23-26.5-22.5 DTB
Strung Balance: 33.5 cm / -2 pts
Unstrung Balance: 32.5 cm / -5 pts
Length: 68.6 cm / 27 in
Description: For greater explosive power, the hotspot (the hottest region of the sweetspot) is increased by 15%. Clean lines, vivid color highlights, a dark blue matte finish, and smooth, velvety paint characterize the Uncontaminated design.


The Ultra 100L v2 features the original Ultra’s distinctive power and adaptability in a lighter chassis. Along with its explosive power, this racket swings well and gives extra mobility. With powerful color highlights at 3 and 9 and a midnight blue matte finish, this frame brings back the original uncontaminated style for an attractive appearance on the court.


Power Rib – Integrated racket throat shape, which is placed in a critical bending and twisting location of the frame, provides more stability and rigidity, resulting in increased power and directional precision.

Crush Zone – At impact, the innovative grommet system compresses to create a bigger hotspot and longer ball stay time on the strings, resulting in improved feel and greater potential energy for explosive power.

Lightweight and easily maneuverable from all angles on the court – Power The rib throat shape improves power by increasing stability and rigidity.

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