Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racket for Sale on Amazon

Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racket

Retail Price: $199.00

Strung Weight: 277 g / 9.8 ou
Unstrung Weight: 264 g / 9.31 ou
String Pattern: 16X19
Head Size: 729 cm2 / 113 in2
Taper System: 26-30-26
Strung Balance: 37 cm / 7 pts
Unstrung Balance: 36 cm / 4 pts
Length: 69.85 cm / 27.5 in
Description: Power Holes lengthen the time the ball is in contact with the ground, improving responsiveness and feel. The extra length allows for more reach and court coverage. With a bigger sweet spot, the oversized head provides outstanding power and enhanced forgiveness.


The Triad Three is one of the most comfortable huge performance rackets on the market, with a large sweet spot for pouring power and more forgiveness. Maximum power in the hoop, superb control in the handle, and minimized stress in the arm are all possible thanks to triad technology. For experienced players looking for greater arm-friendly comfort and a wider sweet spot from their racket, this frame offers an intriguing set of attributes.


Triad – Without sacrificing power, control, or comfort, the tri-component design enhances power, control, and comfort. Iso-Zorb acts as a shock absorber between the hoop and the handle, providing optimum comfort and a luxurious sensation.

Hammer – Increases the weight of the racket in the head while reducing extraneous weight from the throat/handle region, resulting in a lightweight, forgiving frame with a pleasant increase of power.

Power Holes – Extra string movement is created by elongated grommet holes on the inside of the racket head, which expands the sweet spot and generates more power.

Soft Isozorb Pads – Triad is a three-piece racquet design that separates the hoop from the handle and has softer Isozorb cushions for optimal comfort and power.

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