Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Tennis Racket for Sale on Amazon

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Tennis Racket

Retail Price: $279.00

Strung Weight: 355 g / 12.53 ou
Unstrung Weight: 339 g / 11.98 ou
String Pattern: 16×19
Head Size: 626 cm2 / 97 in2
Taper System: 21.5 FB
Strung Balance: 31.5 cm / -8 pts
Unstrung Balance: 30.5 cm / -11 pts
Length: 68.6 cm / 27 in
Description: This racket is perfect for players with some experience who want to enhance their tennis skills.


The Pro Staff RF97 v13 is the personal racket of a 20-time major winner, delivering exceptional performance and a sleek style suitable for a legend. This racket, which has the same specs and composition as its predecessor, appeals to die-hard Roger Federer and Pro Staff enthusiasts by keeping the Pro Staff series’ distinctive accuracy and pure feel. Black elastic base, exposed carbon fiber weave with gloss finish at the tip above the 3 and 9, and two-toned pinstripes down the neck with a contemporary text treatment are all features of the racket design.


Braided Graphite – The sturdy frame gives a pure, firm, and constant feel while reducing vibrations for improved touch and control.

Roger Federer’s personal racket – Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time, was the inspiration for this design.

Heavy Composition – The heavy composition is appropriate for experienced players who have a lot of experience swinging big frames.

Braided Fibers – The pure, constant feel of braided graphite is achieved.

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