Wilson Burn 100LS v4 Tennis Racket for Sale on Amazon

Wilson Burn 100LS v4 Tennis Racket

Retail Price: $159.00

Strung Weight: 296 g / 10.4 ou
Unstrung Weight: 280 g / 9.9 ou
String Pattern: 18×16
Head Size: 645 cm2 / 100 in2
Taper System: 23-25-23
Strung Balance: 33.8 cm / -2 pts
Unstrung Balance: 32.8 cm / -5 pts
Length: 68.6 cm / 27 in
Description: Increased frame rigidity for explosive power is provided by High Performance Carbon Fiber. Drilling in parallel produces a more constant and forgiving string bed reaction. The racket hoop now has a new orange bumper guard that gives lightweight protection.


The Burn 100LS v4 is lightweight and powerful, featuring Spin Effect Technology that adds additional bite and spin to assist control scorching strokes from the baseline. This racket is simpler to swing at a faster tempo and maneuver for each stroke because of its reduced weight. The new model has an orange bumper protection and a new frame design.


Spin Effect – This revolutionary spin technology contains more mains than crosses in the string bed to make the net seem lower and the court feel longer on every stroke. It’s the only racket system that really boosts ball RPM without players modifying their swing.

High Performance Carbon Fiber – Carbon graphite with a high modulus gives greater frame stiffness for explosive power.

Parallel Drilling – Grommet structure ensures a more constant, forgiving string bed response while also significantly expanding the sweet spot.

Light Weight Construction – For improved mobility, the weight has been reduced.

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