HEAD Ti Radical Elite Tennis Racquet for Sale on Amazon

HEAD Ti Radical Elite Tennis Racquet

Retail Price: $50.00

Weight (Unstrung): 265 g / 9.3 oz
String Pattern: 16/19
Head Size: 680 cm² / 105 in²
Grip Size: 0-5
Balance: 335 mm / 0.3 in HL
Length: 685 mm / 27.0 in
Beam: 22mm
Description: The Ti. Radical Elite has a bigger sweet spot for controlled power and a bit more stability on off-center strokes.


Try the Ti. Radical Elite if you’re seeking for a bit more stability and control on off-center hits. The Ti. Radical Elite, which uses Extreme Grid technology, offers a wider sweet spot and more stability during off-center strokes, giving it more feel. The Contour Cushion grip offers increased comfort and a contour design to help players find the right grip. The Graphite Composite Construction additionally improves spin and control for players.


Great tennis racket for recreational use.

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